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Trainers With Experience

Trainers With Experience

Trainers With Experience

Coach Julian is an East Valley native with a passion for sports, health, nutrition and building community.  He graduated from Red Mountain High School where he played football, basketball and ran track.  He went on to play defensive back for MCC and had a season ending injury. He has coached varsity football for 8 years at Red Mountain and graduated from ASU.  He recently became a Certified Personal Trainer through the Academy of Sports Medicine and continues to use his passion for helping athletes get to the next level at b4 Performance.  Come meet Coach Julian and expect results!

Coach Ben Brandau has been training student athletes at the 6A High School level for the last 19 years.  He is a certified Vertimax Trainer and BFS Trainer.  He has been featured on Walter Kronkite School of Journalism and Arizona PBS for his focus on safety and his success in the weight room with his athletes.  Training kids is his passion and his positive attitude, care for injury prevention and ability to have fun while training is unparalleled in AZ.  Come meet Coach Ben and expect results!

Coach Joey played college football as a running back for the University of Montana for four years.  Trained by Fisher Sports, he has a 44 inch vertical and believes in healthy living for all ages. He is passionate, pays attention to detail and form and cares about the success of each child with an unmatched patience.   Come meet coach Joey and expect results!


Attention to Detail

Trainers With Experience

Trainers With Experience

b4 Performance is focused on the details, form and progress for young athletes and healthy habit seekers.  Our focus is on each child's ability to increase strength, speed, and the ability to reach beyond their limits each session.  We Offer...




We believe anyone can create a balanced and healthy lifestyle and should not settle for anything less than the best.  


Vertimax is the leading resistance band training system on the market and has proven results to increase vertical, speed and explosiveness.  Coach Ben is a certified Vertimax Trainer and will help your athlete push boundaries with this intense training.  Call for more details! #beridiculouslyawesome 


Be A Part of Our Family

Trainers With Experience

Be A Part of Our Family

At b4 Performance, we know you have a busy life and we work with each of you to find the sessions you need and we welcome you, at any stage in your journey, to be a part of our b4 family.  

We promise to always be open, honest and professional about the relationships we create with you and your athletes.  We are confident you will see results when your athlete steps into a competitive arena.  With our friendly, competitive environment, clients are motivated in a fun and goal oriented way.  Come try your first session for FREE!


At b4 Performance we give our athletes a personal and purposeful experience.  Our philosophy is that large group training for athletes can lose the attention to form, intensity and mental focus needed to get to the performance level desired.  

Our highly qualified trainers are constantly looking at form and positioning because we know it takes time to develop and at each age level there are unique challenges.  We also know how  important it is to focus on injury prevention.  Let us help your athlete shine and #beridiculouslyawesome

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